Rental or Lease of
Aloha E-Bikes
in Waikiki/Honolulu/Oahu
Please contact our Head Office ahead of time
to schedule
(808) 367-0901 or (808) 741-8766

We can Drop Off and Pick up
Waikiki Hotels: Free Delivery if booked;
Otherwise $25 in town;
$50 out of Honolulu; $75 Kailua/Kaneohe,
Ewa/Kapolei and N. Shore
Group Rental Activity (Drop off/Pick up provided)
Routes (starting at $25/person):
(1) Waikiki to Kailua
(2) Kaneohe (HPU Campus) to Kaneohe Bay &
Polynesian Culture Center
(3) Dole Plantation to North Shore
(4) Waikiki to Downtown and Pearl Harbor
in Kailua and Kaneohe
Please contact us
at 808-367-0901
or email:
to arrange Drop off / Pick up
Hawaii Student Suites
/Apartments rentals
(Waikiki, Manoa and Honolulu)
ALoha E-Bikes

Living Green and Save

Socially Responsible

New Lifestyles
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Famous Surfer Lott
HI Lieut. Governors
Naval & Army Veterants
Switzerland Skaters:
Isabella & Kaufmann
and more
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Call first to find out:
what models are available to rent!
Waikiki Hotels: Free Delivery when booked before
arrival!  Call to reserve yours Now!
Rate starts at $25/day ((
no over night))
Bike Route Maps:
HNL Zoo-Waikiki-Magic Island
HNL Zoo-Diamondhead-KCC
HNL Oahu Bike Map