News about Biking and Environment:
Community Supports and
Contributions 2008-2017

1, Homeless and Disabled Veterans

2, Kamaha'o Canoe Club

3, Hawaii Green Pages

4, Manoa Going Green

5, Sustainable Saunders - UH Manoa

6, Kids for Good

7, Salem Media Hawaii

8, Living Green in Hawaii

9. STEM Student Programs - KCC
Aloha E-Bikes --
the biggest Carrier in Hawaii

* All Electric, Eco-Friendly
* Live Green and Save $$$
* No Oil, No Gas, No Noise
* Very Low Maintenance
* Easy and Fun to Ride

* Wholesale/retail/repair service
* Buy more, more discounts
* Special discounts to students & military
Accept major credit cards
Aloha E-Bikes earns Governor's Innovation Award, March, 2009
Aloha E-Bikes on Hawaii Clean Energy Day KHNL8 News, 06/06/2009
2010-2015 a few Prizes Winners
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Earth Day Observed in UH Manoa
Electric Motorcycles are qualified for US Clean Energy Tax Credits, Feb 18, 2009
Local entrepreneur offers battery-powered rides - Mo' Betta Mopeds - 5/31/2010
Past and Future Events:
Jan 13, Hawaii State Clean Energy Policy Forum
February 18, Sustainability Fair
March 15, Spring Bike Show

July 2nd, 1st Honolulu E-Bike Ride

August 28, Hawaii Clean Energy Day
September 8, Honolulu E-Vehicle Show

September 18-20, Reno InterBike Show
September 30, Honolulu Century Ride
* CE Bikes, Hub and Mid-Drive Motors
* 36V/250-350-500W, 48V/500W-2KW
* Accessary and Solar Storage Battery
Bicycling is a favorite sports to keep in shape, 09/14/2010
E-Vehicle Rally !
HJ is invited to Obama's Vacation Home in Kailua, 01/04/2011
Electric Mountain Bike TDE25Z
Electric Scooter TDR150Z
XY150ZK-1  Gas Scooter
DM82  E-Scooter
Hawaii gas prices set a new record: 4.62/Gal 4/11/2012
-- for group bicycling every year  
Local Go-Green Partners
Blue Planet Foundation
Hawaii Skylights and Solar Fans
Hawaii Bicycle League
$2500 Tax Break for Electric Bicycles and Motorcycles, Approved by Feds, 08/10/2012
Bike accessary got fancy cell phone solar chargers, 2014-5-29
New Arrivals and Sales
2018 Holiday Sales, $500 Off Now
AEB starts carrying Solar Storage Battery, 2014-8-15
GM put his 19,000 Tech team onto e-bikes, March 2015
E-Bike's Popularity in Europe Got Noticed by the Rich, June 2015
Our E-Bike shop at City Square, C-106, 1199 Dillingham Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96817,
is Open Now, formal hours 9am-7pm Monday to Saturday, 5-01-2016
AEB starts to carry ProdecoTech E-Bikes from Nov. 01, 2016
First Honolulu E-Bike Ride, on July 2nd (Sunday) 8-11am start at Ala Moana
to Kahala Mall.
Click to see flyer.  06/25/2017
carry Yamaha Power-Assit Bicycles, 10/30/2018... News*