Aloha E-Bike Photos
DMB09 Side View Red
TDR150Z White
TDP116Z Yellow
TDR169Z white
DN28 Li Battery, Foldable
TDH232Z Dark Green & Silver
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Strida folding Bikes
and BaiBai Le bike
TDR257Z Red
TDP202Z      TDP121Z      TDR150Z
TDN28 24V Li Battery, Foldable
Mountain Bike, TDE25Z Li Battery
DMB09B Black, Red, Blue and Copper
Folding Bicycles
Cargo E-Tricycle
DMB09B Black and Red
E-Scooter TDH-108B
DM-LY-A, Red, Emeriad, White
DM-LY-A, Red
DM-LY-B, Blue, Coffee, White
TDE250Z-206 MTN, Red, White, Green, Black
TDE301Z  MTN Style E-Bike
TDE250Z 36V Li Battery, Silver
TDE250Z-201 MTN, White, Silver
TDE401Z Beach Cruiser
Folding E-Bikes TDN36Z
TDR257Z  Red Blue
-- This page contains major lines of our e-bikes and e-scooters we have carried in the past years
since 2007. The photos serve for reference purpose if one is looking for parts or services.
Mini Folding E-Bikes
DM-LN, White & Silver
Folding E-bikes